“Aloha Fitness Club is a great workout center. The owners and staff helped me reach my fitness goals. My workouts included Cardio Kickboxing, Ball-A-Robics, resistance training, and “Boot Camp”. I recommend this gym to everyone. So if you’re looking for a place to workout, Aloha Fitness Club is the place to be.” Tioni Tam Sing, Miss Kona Coffee 2007

“ALOHA FITNESS CLUB is all about the ALOHA spirit. A place where you can work out with that ALOHA feeling and energy, our club is here to help you reconnect with your kino (body), mana'o (mind) and 'uhane (spirit). Our club has been here in Hilo since 2003 and have revived the ALOHA spirit in many individuals allowing them to take better care of their own spirit through exercise and fellowship.” LehuananiWaipa Ah Nee